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Welcome to visual commerce

At Enhance, we are experts in the new language of business, publicity and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to blend the physical and digital realms to generate richer customer experiences, greater efficiency, increased performance and meaningful data insights for the benefit of all. 

We can help you to:

  • Boost your sales up to 200%
  • Reduce return rates up to 40% and 
  • Increase your brand growth up to 70%

Why choose Enhance?

  1. All is in the cloud, our versatile platform is easy to use and code-free
  2. We help you create your 3D assets
  3. You can create campaigns in just three clicks
  4. Uncover new data with immersive data analytics without worrying about GDPR regulation
  5. Capture potential customers wherever they are
  6. Create premium customer experiences. Thanks to spatial experiences, you will be helping them make the right decisions

How will this demo be developed?

You will have the opportunity to talk with one of our experts in a call of around 30 minutes and address the following points: 

  • Demonstration of a product similar to your businesses to explain how to leverage wow-moments
  • Highlight all the advantages immersive experiences could bring to your business
  • Talk about your business needs and goals so we can provide you with the right solution
  • Give you a tour of the Enhance platform
  • Last but not least, we will offer you a free trial with one 3D model with no additional cost

Let your customers try before they buy with Enhance. Fill in the form now and take the first step towards visual commerce > 

The new way to visualize CX, sales and revenue

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