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Halo effect in marketing, how to leverage customer psychology with 3D and AR
Business transformation

Halo effect in marketing, how to leverage customer psychology with 3D and AR

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June 29, 2022

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A strategically deployed 3D and augmented reality (AR) game plan can help businesses convert curious decision-makers into loyal patrons by leveraging the halo effect in marketing.

Key takeaways:

  • Behavioral insights can help decode why buyers buy
  • The principles of psychology marketers use to sway customer decisions  
  • How 3D and AR technologies can amplify marketing strategy  

Ever wondered why customers buy? The reasons usually go deeper than a momentary, transactional need and the right price tag. Designing the customer journey by tapping into behavioral factors and personality cues can get them to notice, care, act… and trigger rewarding, long-term relationships. Here are the ways 3D and AR technologies can help businesses leverage the principles of consumer psychology to turn curious decision-makers into loyal customers.

The norm of reciprocity

The human urge to reciprocate is deeply ingrained. Whenever Uber, for instance, gives away a free upgrade to a luxury ride, it is – not unlike most brands and marketers – in anticipation of receiving a ‘return gift’ from the user, whether in the form of a good word on social media (which doubles up as powerful ‘word-of-mouth’ channel) or repeat business. The message is simple: wow the customer and they will want to return the favor. 3D and AR technologies make that all-important first part easy. Empowering potential buyers to swap backgrounds, change environments, alter dimensions and switch colors – all of which help to demonstrate a product’s end-compatibility and raise confidence in a potential transaction – can be a jaw-dropping experience, especially the first time.

The implications aren’t lost on marketers and brand-owners, many of whom are already figuring out new ways to delight prospective clients and consumers, and thereby prompting them to reciprocate in ways profitable to the business. And when considered in conjunction with the power of a positive first impression, often formed inside 30 seconds, the case for adopting a 3D/AR interaction – especially an intuitive and hassle-free one like Enhance’s zero code, zero headgear, three-click solution – becomes a strong one.

Wow the customer and they will want to return the favor

The halo effect in marketing

Commonly deployed in marketing, the halo effect refers to a cognitive or social bias that leads individuals to place an idea or product – which is associated with a popular celebrity or influencer – on a higher pedestal than its counterparts. This is the logic that fuels proven go-to-market gambits like product endorsement and brand ambassadors. Deploying 3D and AR tech consistently to build non-stop wow moments – and compounding that buzz through social sharing and compelling storytelling – can, over time, help companies create an irresistible halo around their brand – and tilt the psychological game of decision-making in their favor.

Cutting through the noise

With 87% of organizations stating that traditional customer experience frameworks are no longer adequate (what with the modern-day consumer being bombarded with new ideas and trends every day), cutting through the noise is the number one priority for any business. So how can marketing leaders and product custodians create moments that linger? Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman’s insight, which suggests that humans tend to remember only the peak (best or worst) and the conclusion (theory of recency) of any narrative, offers a clue. Creating a 3D and AR experience that is visually immersive moves the business needle measurably – be it in terms of lead capture, generating PR capital or providing actionable user feedback – and ends with a flourish that makes it hard to forget. In many cases, it will also lead to FOMO: the very real fear of missing out on the latest tool or tactic and thereby losing ground to rivals. All of which goes to position the product squarely within the attention and consideration set of prospects.

Dovetailing the principles of behavioral psychology with cutting edge 3D and AR tech can help a business win its market’s wallet – by winning its mind.

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