3D and AR
View IKEA’s full product catalog in 3D through Google Search
3D and AR

View IKEA’s full product catalog in 3D through Google Search

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Vickie Scullard


May 10, 2023

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IKEA fanatics, prepare yourselves – the brand’s entire product catalog can now be viewed in 3D when searching in Google.

Better yet, those who have a supported device can also see the products in their own space with an additional click of a button.

Before this, shoppers had to use the dedicated IKEA Place app to see the products in 3D and AR.

There are more than 10,000 products to choose from in the IKEA catalog, making it one of the most extensive home furniture stores in the world.

Try out your own augmented reality (AR) experience

This new addition to Google’s 3D view portal means that consumers have access to all these products in 3D at their fingertips without the need to visit IKEA directly or download an app.

To see it in action, Google an IKEA product, and below the listing there will be a “View in 3D” button, which navigates to the 3D viewer when tapped.

For supported tablet and smartphone users, shoppers can also view the item in their space using augmented reality by clicking one additional button.

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The AR feature is not available directly in Google Search for iPhone users, but the IKEA Place app allows you to see the items in augmented reality and place them in your space at home.

IKEA is the latest brand to have this functionality – in 2019, Google announced that it would be adding augmented reality objects to its search function.  

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO: “New features in Google Search and Google Lens use the camera, computer vision, and augmented reality to provide visual answers to visual questions. And now, we’re bringing AR directly into search.”

“If you’re searching for new shoes online, you can see shoes up close from different angles and even see how they go with your current wardrobe.”

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Since then, there has been a variety of 3D items you can view in Google Search using AR, such as animals and a variety of other objects.  

According to 9to5Google.com, all of the IKEA items visible in 3D within Google Search are shown to scale so that shoppers get a real sense of just how they might look in their own homes.  

However, there is currently no option to rescale items like Google’s existing 3D animals and objects.

For those hoping that IKEA’s popular food selection will be available, sadly this is not the case. Currently, only its home furnishing collection is available.

IKEA’s catalog addition to Google Search is likely to help shoppers feel more confident when making an online purchase while also saving a lot of time.

Our take

Googling a product and seeing it almost instantly in 3D and in your space using augmented reality is no longer a thing of the future, it’s happening right now. This is a huge step forward for 3D and AR in commerce because it is being used in a more mainstream environment, as opposed to via third-party downloaded apps.

Shoppers will soon be using 3D and AR for more of their purchases, allowing them to make more informed decisions when buying online, as well as saving time and money. Now is the perfect time for brands to include 3D and AR in their commerce strategy.  

To find out how you can use 3D and AR with your business, contact Enhance today or book a free demo.

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